Evening Menu

  • Foie gras terrine

    3 900 xpf

    Marinated Granny Smith apple with fresh thyme, quinoa soufflé, salted butter caramel and green apple sorbet

  • Red Tuna in Takati

    2 900 xpf

    And Gomasio spice, jelly peas, mint & Espelette pepper, white chocolate mayonnaise

  • The Burrata

    3 600 xpf

    Crispy vegetables, herbs Gressini Mautini cream

  • Risotto of pearl barley

    3 300 xpf

    With fresh mushrooms « Shimeji and Maitake », eggnog foam and green asparagus

  • Thai Soup with coconut milk

    3 600 xpf

    Tahitian peninsula shrimps, thin poultry slides, with Combawa and ginger

  • Tahitian Peninsula shrimps Raviole

    3 600 xpf

    Zucchini brunoise, Jamaica pepper juice and duck liver

  • Paraha Peue fillet

    3 900 xpf

    Grilled with a seaweed crust, Beluga lentils, tomato butter, parboiled vegetables

  • Scallops

    4 900 xpf

    In green dress, fine Lingot beans purée with truffle oil and strong poultry juice

  • Iberian cod

    4 500 xpf

    Sweet chorizo and grilled octopus, crocus pistils risotto and thyme sauce

  • Candied beef

    4 400 xpf

    Oriental spices & WAGYU chips, fine pumpkin purée, parboiled vegetables and sweet spice juice

  • Lamb cooked at low temperature

    4 500 xpf

    Stewed risotto, fresh mushrooms and cooking juice

  • Cold-smoked Pigeon

    4 900 xpf

    Cooked at low temperature, pan-fried foie gras, mashed Opaline and its cooking juice

  • Le Bounty

    2 400 xpf

    64% Dark chocolate coconut, gluten free coconut cake, crunchy praline, dark chocolate mousse, coconut milk & coconut sorbet

  • La Belle Hélène

    2 100 xpf

    Poached pear with sweet spices, shortbread cake with chocolate chips, roasted almonds, caramel with pear brandy & pear sorbet

  • Le Carré Sauvage

    2 200 xpf

    French toast brioche, salted butter caramel, rosemary & ice cream of the moment

  • El Mamounia, "A journey to Morocco"

    2 500 xpf

    Citrus fruits, candied mandarin, date truffle, rose macaroon, custard and orange blossom

  • La Terre Africaine, "A childhood memory"

    2 400 xpf

    Cocoa panna cotta, passion fruit cream, chocolate streusel & exotic sorbet

  • La Perle Noire

    2 600 xpf

    70% dark chocolate, gluten free chocolate cake, fresh raspberries, rose petals fragrance, flambé with brandy & hot chocolate

  • Les Fromages

    2 500 xpf

    Selection of mature cheeses